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This website will help you with our whole syllabus from White Belt to Black Belt. This is Ideal for students wanting to get tips on passing their belts with the best standard and Instructors who want their students to pass with the best standards! Just click the button below to get started NOW!
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SMAF Online

I'm Jason O'Grady, founder of Sport Martial Arts and Fitness, I've been training in Martial Arts for over 30 years with some of the best instructors the UK has to offer. 

I've created this website for Students and Instructors who are willing to go that extra step in becoming the best that they can be! For students the idea is that they can have all my knowledge on the belt system and training/fight drills at the press of a button. 

For Instructors not only do they get what the students have, but also lots of different creative class drills to help keep classes fun and exciting with high standards and not too much repetition. 

This website gives you vast knowledge available on your computer, phone or iPad.

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