Welcome to our online Grading Syllabus

Hi Jason O'Grady here founder of the Sport Martial Arts Federation

Here you will find our instructional videos to show you all the techniques you need to demonstrate  to get you first four belts in the Sport Martial Arts Federation grading syllabus.

This will help you to learn all the techniques correctly, with handy tips along the way to make sure you score top marks in your belt tests. This really will help you on your road to the amazing Black Belt 

If you need any help during this process you can contact us on info.smaf@icloud.com

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Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to our kickboxing syllabus
    • White Belt - Stance, Jab and Cross FREE PREVIEW
    • White Belt - Backfist, Upper Block
    • White Belt - Front kick, Round kick, Side kick all from lead leg
    • White Belt - Combinations
    • White Belt - Children's syllabus Kata Number 1, Eight basic moves
    • White/Yellow belt - Reverse punch, Ridge hand, Outside high block
    • White/Yellow belt-Font, Round kick and Side kick from back leg
    • White/Yellow Belt - Combinations
    • White/Yellow Belt - Children's syllabus Block and Counter Number 1 straight punch defence
    • Yellow Belt - Punching techniques Hook, Uppercut
    • Yellow Belt - Axe kick, Hook kick from back leg
    • Yellow Belt - Children's syllabus Kata Number 2, Challenge Kata
    • White/Orange Belt- Spot pad combinations
    • White/Orange belt - Step side kick, Step round kick
    • White/Orange Belt - Children's syllabus Block and Counter Number 2 - Round kick defence
    • Orange Belt- Inside front hand block and spot pad drills
    • Orange Belt- Step Hook kick, Step Axe kick
    • Orange Belt - Children's syllabus Kata3 Low block, High block 4 directions
    • White/Green Belt- Inside low block, pad drills
    • White/Green Belt- Inside crescent kick lead leg, Spinning back kick
    • White/Green Belt - Children's syllabus Block and Counter 3 parry's
    • Green Belt- Spot pad work 4-5 Technique combinations
    • Green Belt- Inside Crescent kick back leg, Double round kickback leg
    • Green Belt - Children's syllabus Kata 4 - Blocks and kicks
    • White/Blue Belt - Super man punch
    • White/Blue belt - Combinations
    • White/Blue belt - Outside crescent kick lead leg, Spinning kick, Knee back leg
    • White/Blue belt - Children's syllabus Block and counter 4 Front kick defence
    • Blue belt - Shadow boxing
    • Blue belt - Front leg sweep, Outside crescent kick back leg, spinning hook kick
    • Blue belt- Children's syllabus Kata 5 Chon-Ji
    • White/Purple belt - Sparring
    • White/Purple - Point sparring
    • Purple belt - Blitz, Reverse Blitz
    • Purple belt - Back leg spinning sweep, Jumping Front, Round and Side kick
    • White/Purple Belt - Continuous sparring